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RJ Barrett Shut Up A Pistons Fan Trying To Heckle Him: "You're Watching Me Right? Then Shut The F*ck Up"

RJ Barrett Shut Up A Pistons Fan Trying To Heckle Him: "You're Watching Me Right? Then Shut The F*ck Up."

The New York Knicks started the 2021-22 NBA season on a good note but seemed to go off track in the next few games. Fortunately for fans, the franchise has once again found its form back as they have won 4 out of their 5 games.

Their most recent victory came against the Detroit Pistons, who, let's be honest, have been flat-out awful this season. Following the victory, the Knicks improved their record to 17-18 and moved to the 9th position in the Eastern Conference.

In a low-scoring game against the Pistons, it was RJ Barrett who rescued the Knicks in the final quarter of the game. While Barrett might have had a great last quarter to propel the team to victory, he still had an underwhelming game.

During the fixture, it seemed like a certain Detroit Pistons fan wanted to make sure that Barrett knew that he didn't have the best of the games. So while sitting from the stands, the aforementioned fan started to heckle RJ. But to his surprise, the Knicks forward was ready for the perfect answer to shut him up.

Pistons fan: "RJ you're -29 bro!"

RJ Barrett: "You're watching me right? Then shut the f*ck up!"

Now, that's a burn the Pistons fan will not forget for quite some time. Upon seeing Barrett shutting up the heckler, many NBA fans reacted to the video. Here are some of the best reactions dropped by fans on the video:

drip.robinson: "Bro went from being a Canadian to a New Yorker in 2 and quarter seasons."

tobias._.g: "Bro always looks high😭😭."

__aydenjohnson__: "Why RJ always look confused😂."

meansteel: "Rj look like a animated character."

jayhunchoooo: "Fans really drop they life savings on frontcourt seats to talk shit💀."

goated_4greatness: "He looked for a ref so he don’t get fined."

trillsetdre: "Ah yes, the NYC pizza has settled in his blood now."

dooke_e: "Box Plus Minus a bad stat to use repsents the team most of the team and the knicks starting 5 was bad."

joelbonet2: "He said that in the most respectful way too 😂."

tytysomid: "Bro he need a drug test cuz he look high asl 😂."

thenewlaflare: "Aint no one gonna say why the camera man zooming on homies a*s?"

josh_oldford135: "It’s funny being Canadian everyone thinks where nice but the truth is where not and Rj did a f**kin amazing job in showing that we’re f**kin a**holes too buddy sorry to tell y’all."

Usually most people believe that Canadians are some of the nicest people in the world. In fact, it is a stereotype and probably true in most cases. But as many fans pointed out, living in New York, Barrett has changed his lifestyle.

Whatever the case, it was a funny interaction between the Knicks forward and the Pistons fan. The way Barrett first checked that there was no ref around him before giving the fan a reply was also truly hilarious.