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Spencer Dinwiddie Responds To Kyle Kuzma Scoring On Him In Practice: “Yet Another Teammate That Can’t Guard Me”

Spencer Dinwiddie Responds To Kyle Kuzma Scoring On Him In Practice: “Yet Another Teammate That Can’t Guard Me”

With the Wizards getting rid of Russell Westbrook this offseason, they brought in a massive haul. Two of the players that are cause for great excitement for Wizards fans are Spencer Dinwiddie and Kyle Kuzma.

Kuzma is already an NBA champion, having won the 2020 NBA championship with the Los Angeles Lakers. 

But his potential remains untapped because of superstars LeBron James and Anthony Davis playing in his position and limiting his minutes.

Spencer Dinwiddie was in a similar situation. The arrival of Kyrie Irving to Brooklyn in 2019 also reduced his minutes majorly. And prior to the arrival of James Harden last season, Dinwiddie suffered a season-ending injury.

With the Wizards, both of them will be focal points of the attack and will have no choice but to improve their game and their performances. Their entire reputation over the last few years has been protected by their lack of opportunities.

Failure to step up and improve their game will be a significant hindrance to their futures. Dinwiddie and Kuzma have a great environment in Washington, where expectations are not extremely high.

On top of that, playing with a superstar like Bradley Beal will only help them take that next step in the league. Given their own experiences playing with superstars in their older teams, they will struggle less with adjusting around Beal.

And it appears the two have already begun to put in the work ahead of the new season.Kyle Kuzma shared a video of himself and a few other Wizards players, including Dinwiddie, playing pick-up ball.

Kuz hit a solid fadeaway on Dinwiddie in the video, among other highlights. In his tweet, Kuzma tagged Dinwiddie and poked fun at the fact that he scored on him. Dinwiddie responded by joking that Kuzma, much like other teammates in the past could not guard him.

Kuzma: “Hold that fam lol”

Dinwiddie: “Yet another teammate that can’t guard me lol”

Both Kuzma and Dinwiddie have often been touted as future stars, thanks to their age and the talent they both possess. But they have struggled with the opportunity to break through the glass ceiling above them. 

The next season will be their chance to prove to people why they should have been given more opportunities earlier in their career.