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Stephen A. Smith Explains His Current Relationship With Max Kellerman: "We Don’t Communicate..."

Stephen A. Smith Says Goodbye To Max Kellerman On 'First Take'

Stephen A. Smith is one of the most famous sports analysts in the world. The ESPN talent has worked hard to be where he is right now, making some enemies in the process. He's well known for his outspoken personality and how he expresses his ideas sometimes, earning love and hate from fans and players. 

Not so long ago, Smith debated on First Take with Max Kellerman, but the latter took a different path, leaving his seat to a series of people that argue with Stephen A. every week. 

A lot was said about this breakup, with Smith even admitting he played a role in Kellerman's departure from the show. Earlier this week, he gave us more details about his current relationship with Kellerman and how things went down while they were a partnership. 

Via Sports Illustrated

Speaking in an interview with Chris “Mad Dog” Russo, one of Smith's new First Take counterparts, on Thursday, Smith elaborated on what led to the erosion of his and Kellerman's working relationship.

“I was very, very honest about me saying that I thought the show needed a change. But what I also said to the bosses was, ‘Listen, I think our time together has passed. If you want to keep him on the show and not me, and you want me to do something else that you think I could be more beneficial and more profitable for the company, so be it,’” Smith said. “But in the end, I knew it was time for us to part ways.”

He also explained that it was nothing personal against Kellerman that led to his departure from the show. Instead, Stephen A. believes that their cycle was over and it was time for him to move on. 

“We had been together for five years. I’ve been doing this for 10 years, I got a feeling as to when something is going a bit stale and the audience doesn’t seem to gravitate to us in the fashion that they used to,” Smith said. “And that’s what it is. So, when I looked at him, I said, ‘The guy is smart as hell, he’s done radio, he’s done television. I know that he’s gonna be on his feet, there’s no way on Earth that he’s gonna get screwed over or anything like that.’ He’s an incredibly good guy, very thoughtful, good person, and I think he’s doing great things now. I think I’ve been proven to be right.”

Moreover, he said that he doesn't have a relationship with Kellerman. Smith did say that they are very polite when they run into each other, but other than that, there isn't a deep bond between him and Max. 

“I wouldn’t classify it as that,” Smith said. “I wouldn’t classify it as good or bad. We don’t communicate, but we’re very respectful towards one another. We say hi to one another when we see each other, but we go our separate ways.”

These two made an incredible duo on TV. Whenever they went at it, fans really enjoyed their show. Now they have taken separate ways, trying to continue with their honored careers. 

Kellerman joined Keyshawn Johnson and Jay Williams while having his own show on ESPN, while Smith stayed with Molly Qerim on First Take, debating various topics every week with a series of guests.