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Steve Kerr Says The 72-10 Chicago Bulls Are The Best Team Ever

(via NBA)

(via NBA)

If someone can talk about dynasties and winning teams that Steve Kerr, who played a lesser - yet crucial - role on the legendary 72-10 Chicago Bulls and then went on to create a superteam of his own as the coach of the Golden State Warriors.

Kerr played for the team that broke the record for the most regular-season wins in 1996, just to erase that record with his 73-9 Warriors twenty years later.

Needless to say, there has been an ongoing debate ever since about whether those 2016 Warriors are the greatest team in NBA history, considering they were extremely dominating in the regular season but then they blew a 3-1 lead in the NBA Finals vs. the Cleveland Cavaliers.

So, for what it's worth, Kerr himself admitted during his appearance in The Last Dance that he thinks the 72-10 Bulls would have the edge over his beloved Warriors, settling the conversation once and for all.

Obviously, the game has changed a lot and it's kind of difficult to wonder whether that team would've thrived as much in the 90s and vice-versa. Still, it's interesting to know Kerr's input given the fact that he saw first-hand what happened behind the scenes during the consolidation of two of the greatest teams ever.

Kerr lived the intensity of those Bulls' practices and even ended on the wrong side of Michael Jordan's fist once. He also led with the routines, egos, and up-and-downs from those legendary Warriors that crushed most of their opposition.

So, the next time a young fan tries to convince you about the Warriors being the best team in NBA history, just quote Steve Kerr to put that debate to a quick end.