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Video: Klay Thompson Is Living It Up This Offseason As He Dances And Then Dives Into The Ocean


Klay Thompson has been having a blast this offseason, and he deserves to have all the fun in the world, probably more than anyone else. The Warriors guard had gone through some very trying times after suffering two major injuries, which kept him out of action for over two years.

He finally made his return to the court this past season and while he wasn't quite at his best, as you would imagine for someone who missed so much time, he was still a solid contributor as the Warriors won their 4th championship in the last 8 seasons. He celebrated the triumph in the Bahamas earlier this offseason and is having some fun now too.

Klay Thompson Danced On A Boat And Then Dove Into The Ocean

He was out on the ocean with ex-Warriors Nemanja Bjelica and Leandro Barbosa, as the three of them were clearly having a great time. Klay performed an epic dance on their boat and then proceeded to dive into the ocean. 

Klay has previously stated that he loves the ocean and that clearly was no exaggeration. He also captioned the clip by stating that he will miss Bjelica, who has signed with Fenerbahce, and Barbosa, who ended his 2-year stint with the team as a coach by heading to the Kings.

Golden State has seen a few departures from their title-winning group from last season, with Gary Payton II having also left in free agency. Most title-winning teams do tend to lose some rotational pieces, but the important thing for the Warriors is that all their big guns are still there. The question, though, is for just how long?

Andrew Wiggins and Jordan Poole are eligible for extensions this offseason while Draymond Green reportedly wants a max extension when he is eligible for it as well. The Warriors will have to part with someone, as even they cannot afford to keep everyone on the roster.

It will be interesting to see who ends up being the odd one out and while it is assumed that one of those three will leave, an NBA executive suggested that Klay is the one who they should let go. He wasn't as important to their success this past season as the other three and is getting up there in age too. We don't see the Warriors parting ways with Klay though, and with them having given him that massive extension after his injury, he might just return the favor by taking a pay cut so that he can end his career in Golden State.