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Klay Thompson Keeps Celebrating 2022 NBA Championship On The Beach: "Everything Is Better In The Bahamas"

Klay Thompson Keeps Celebrating 2022 NBA Championship On The Beach: "Everything Is Better In The Bahamas"

A month after winning the 2022 NBA championship, the Golden State Warriors are already working to face the next campaign in the best shape. Besides Stephen Curry putting in work at the gym, Klay Thompson is also in the lab to improve his level after returning to the court following a three-year absence. 

It was a great season for Klay, who proved he's still a dangerous player in the league that can help his squad reach the promised land. Thompson is focused on improving his level, but he's also having some fun while still celebrating his fourth title. 

Klay recently flew to the Bahamas to have a good time on the beach, sharing his happiness on Twitter. The Warriors sharpshooter wrote a big message in the sand while making it clear he's having a blast in this beautiful country. 

"Everything is better in the Bahamas," Klay captioned the pic with. 

Many people reacted to this post, joking about the message he wrote in the sand, and celebrating Klay's most recent success. 

You in my country!!


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I think there is something written in the sand next to you bro 😂


What up champ!

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I need to see some jet ski footage on the timeline

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Live Champ!!!

Championship behavior energy all summer till the SZN starts back up! 👏👏

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Everything is better with you Champ

HAHA love the petty vibes. Keep going Champ 4x!! 🔥🙌👏😂

After three difficult years, Klay returned to action a couple of months ago. He went through two season-ending injuries and came back ready to show he wasn't done. Thompson proved exactly that, showing up when his team needed him, demonstrating that the Warriors dynasty is far from over. 

He's celebrating right now, but also taking care of his body while working at the gym to return in better shape to defend the 2022 NBA championship.