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Stephen Curry Is Looking Shredded In Recent Workout Video: "He Is Ready For The MVP Season"

Stephen Curry Is Looking Shredded In Recent Workout Video: "He Is Ready For The MVP Season"

Stephen Curry is not taking days off, even after winning his fourth NBA title. The Chef knows that everybody will try to dethrone the Golden State Warriors next season and is getting ready to show that they are here to stay at least until his body starts slowing down. He has been having good times during his vacations and celebrating with his family, but Curry is also hitting the gym this offseason. 

The Warriors superstar has been very active, taking over the golf course and the baseball field recently, but it seems like he feels more comfortable in the gym. Recently, Carl Bergstrom shared a video of Curry working on his upper body. 

Besides hitting 3-pointers like they're candy and putting rivals on their skates, Curry is trying to get stronger for the future. He's trying to add more weapons to his already lethal arsenal and extend his good moment in the league for as long as possible. 

Many fans reacted to this video, praising Curry for his work ethic and his desire to get better every summer. 

My man in the back goin crazy!!!!

There we go coach!


He's ready for the MVP season

Bro is getting ready for a GOAT tier season and #5


Love these.

Steph has not took a vacation

Another ring on the way for the one and only Mr. Wardell Curry 😤🐐

Number 5 loading

I gotta get in the gym too, so I can be fit in time for fan season 😜

I see ring number 5!!!

Winner's work👏

Finish them rows my boy @stephencurry30

Curry is just getting started. He's not slowing down and the Warriors plan to keep dominating the league while Steph, Klay Thompson, and Draymond Green (presumably) stay at the best level. Even after winning another championship, these guys are putting in work to get better. Klay texted his trainer two days before the Finals and Draymond recently participated in a private workout at UCLA

If you weren't scared of the Warriors before, now it's a good time to start worrying about these guys.