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Klay Thompson Texted His Trainer To Set Up His Offseason Training Two Days Before 2022 NBA Finals

Klay Thompson Shares Video Of Him Working Out This Offseason: "Feels Good Not Having To Rehab"

Klay Thompson lived two terrible years after suffering back-to-back season-ending injuries, missing two complete seasons with the Golden State Warriors, who struggled to be competitive without the shooting guard on the court. This past season, however, things were different for Klay and his team, as they returned to the top of the league, winning the championship once again. 

Thompson didn't start the season with his teammates, but once he joined the rest of the squad, people noticed the Dubs were more dangerous than before. Things went great for them, as they made it to the NBA Finals, beating the Boston Celtics in six games. 

Even though he was focused on bringing the championship hope, Klay was already thinking of what was next for him after the season was over. Recently, his trainer shared a message Klay sent him two days before the start of the Finals, talking about their offseason training and everything they'd do this summer (second slide). 

"Hey man 

I rented a spot in Beverley Hills 

From mid July to mid September 

Now that I'm back healthy we gotta get on a good workout schedule for the summer again like it's 2018," Klay texted. 

Ben Bruno and Thompson linked up earlier this week and have been going at it ever since. The trainer took to Instagram to show his excitement to work with Klay again and showed the message he received from the now 4x NBA champion right before he started the biggest series of the season. 

Great to have [Klay Thompson] back in the house. It was so cool seeing him win a championship this year after all he went through with injuries the past two seasons. He’s worked so hard, and I love seeing good things happen to good people. I’m really looking forward to a good summer of work.

If Klay played great last season with no preparation before the same, with a couple of months available to put him in the right shape, this man will be a menace for rivals next campaign. We know how much he likes to win, and he's willing to put in work to get better, so if somebody believed the Warriors would slow down after winning their 4th title in eight years, they were absolutely wrong.