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LeBron James Fired Up After Bryce James Destroyed Opponents In Recent Game: "We Working! That's All We Know. We Don't Want S**t Giving To Us, We Earn It!"

Bryce James Is Already 6'6 And Fans Are Getting Excited About His NBA Career: "Bryce Gonna Be LeBron 2.0"

LeBron James seems unstoppable and inevitable in the NBA. Given the performances that LBJ has continued to showcase, one might easily forget that the Los Angeles Lakers superstar has been around the league for a while now.

While he is still performing like a superstar at the peak of his powers, 'King James' has become much more injury prone. The 37-year-old might well continue in the NBA for at least 3 more seasons, but it won't be long before one of the best players basketball has ever seen retires from the sport.

But fans should not be worried about LeBron going away from the sport. His children, Bronny James Jr. and Bryce James, are following in their father's footsteps. So, we might end up seeing two representatives from the James family very soon in the NBA.

After a clip of Bronny scoring went viral on social, this time, it was Bryce who went viral because of his antics at a recent game. With Bryce scoring buckets left, right and center, the 15-year-old absolutely decimated his opponents. Be it a jumper or putting in post moves, LBJ's younger son put on a show in the viral clip.

LeBron understandably was fired up with his son's performance. In a recent tweet, LBJ had a fiery message for his kid.

"We working! That's all we know. We don't want shit giving to us, we EARN it!"

Standing at 6'6" at the age of 15, Bryce James is already taller than his brother Bronny and contrary to his brother who plays as a shooting guard, Bryce is a small forward, just like his father.

Given how Bron has continued to perform, it is very likely that we might end up him playing with Bronny in the NBA, but there is also a very tiny possibility that we end up seeing the 4-time MVP play with his younger son as well in the league.