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When James Corden Tried To Trash Talk LeBron James: "You Can't Show Up At The Dollar Store Because You Ain't Got A 4th Quarter."


LeBron James is one of the most popular personalities in history. The 4-time NBA champion has been one of the NBA's most successful crossover stars. Fans often want to see James on different talk shows and interviews. But even LeBron could not have expected to be on the receiving end of trash talk from James Corden.

During an appearance on Carpool Karaoke, James Corden asked LeBron James who is the best trash talker he has played against. LeBron said that it was Kevin Garnett. After which, Corden started to test LeBron James with some trash talk of his own, to see what kind of reaction he had.

Corden had a few good lines, but the one that was the most savage was the one below.

"You can't show up at the Dollar Store because you ain't got a 4th Quarter."

James didn't seem to be too fazed by Corden's trash talk and even laughed at his last line. Clearly, after being in the NBA for so many years, James has learned to not let trash-talking get to him and has developed a thick skin. But even then, James has had moments where he lost his cool, most recently, when Desmond Bane said something that didn't sit well with LeBron.

The comment was a reference to James' somewhat poor track record in late-game situations, something that became very prominent during the 2011 NBA Finals, when he had a very poor performance, especially during the final stages of the game. LeBron's poor performances led to him losing to the Dallas Mavericks that year.

But that series proved to be the perfect learning experience. James came back strong over the next 2 years, winning 2 consecutive NBA championships and being named the Finals MVP in both those years. James is currently a 4-time NBA champion, winning 2 more titles in 2016 and 2020.