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LeBron James Didn't Like What Desmond Bane Said And Tried To Confront Him: "No, I'm Not Chillin!”

LeBron James Didn't Like What Desmond Bane Said And Tried To Confront Him: "No, I'm Not Chillin!”

Once again, the Los Angeles Lakers had their run of good form halted. The Memphis Grizzlies defeated the Los Angeles Lakers for the third time this season. The Lakers were on 4 game winning streak heading into the game, which the Grizzlies put an end to. But there was a moment in the game where LeBron James lost his cool.

During the game, Desmond Bane took the ball to the basket near LeBron James. After making the shot, Bane had something to say to James, and James wasn't having it. He lightly shoved Bane and had words for him. The rest of the Grizzlies tried to neutralize the situation, but James wasn't looking to calm down.

"No, I'm not chillin'!"

James seemingly got his revenge later in the game, as he took the ball and put Jaren Jackson Jr. on a poster with a ferocious dunk. But James' incredible performances were not enough to help the Lakers get the win, a story that has become all too familiar for Lakers fans this season.

LeBron James ended the game with 35 points, 13 more than the rest of the Lakers' starting lineup combined. James was clearly the only player on the Lakers who had a decent performance. But the failure on the part of the rest of his teammates to perform cost the Lakers the win.

Fans were not happy with the Lakers' performance, especially with Russell Westbrook. Westbrook put up single-digit points during the game, a fact that makes James' 35 points look all the more disappointing. Westbrook himself came out and defended the team, but admitted that things didn't go to plan against Memphis.

One has to wonder how the Lakers will respond to this loss. This game was a perfect example of how inconsistent the Lakers have been this year. LeBron James has been phenomenal, but the same cannot be said for the rest of his teammates.