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Russell Westbrook On The Lakers' Record: "We're Moving In The Right Direction, Except Tonight."

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Russell Westbrook

The Los Angeles Lakers have recently lost to the Memphis Grizzlies, which has snapped their 4-game winning streak. There's no question that this was a tough loss for the Lakers, as they were certainly looking to continue their winning streak and move upwards in the standings.

Russell Westbrook has commented on the Lakers' current record of 21-20 and claimed that the team was "moving in the right direction" with the exception of this game. It's fair to say that the Lakers looked like they found their groove prior to their recent loss. 

I guess we're moving in the right direction, other than tonight. I say all you can worry about is the next game... you want to be playing your best at the end of the year.

There is no question that the Los Angeles Lakers haven't met expectations from fans and analysts this year. Many expected them to be a contending team, rather than a middle-of-the-pack team. There's still half of the season left to play, so perhaps we could see Russell Westbrook and the Los Angeles Lakers improve their performance in the second part of the year.

Many people have suggested that Russell Westbrook should be traded due to his fit with LeBron James. However, it was reported that almost no team wants Russell Westbrook in a trade, seemingly due to his contract. That means that the Los Angeles Lakers will likely keep Russell Westbrook, and though there have been a lot of trade suggestions involving him, he has had some stellar performances in a Lakers uniform. 

Hopefully, we see Russell Westbrook figure things out: he's a polarizing player but he is still extremely talented. He didn't have the best performance against the Grizzlies, but all Westbrook can do now is try and bounce back, and perhaps we'll see a good game from him against the Kings.