Ranking The Best NBA Home-Court Advantages In The Last 5 Years

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Ranking The Best NBA Home-Court Advantages In The Last 5 Years

Home court advantage can mean everything to a team. Having the crowd to back up their play can make a team go the extra mile. It can also help get in the other team’s head when it comes to dead-ballgames was situations or free throws.

Over the last five years, some home courts have helped their team, while others have been missing from their seats. In evaluating the best home-court advantages, we analyzed two key factors.

The first factor is the team’s overall home record for the last five seasons. The second factor is the team’s average attendance ranking. With the attendance ranking, we had to use four full seasons worth of data because the 2020-2021 season did not allow full attendance for the full season, while some arenas didn’t allow fans at all.

30. Phoenix Suns

Home Court Record: 81-117 (40.9%)

Playoff Home Court Record: 6-2

Average Attendance: 16,293 (25th in league) (last 5 years)

Just because Chris Paul led the Suns to a 27-9 record this year at home, it doesn’t mean that the Suns have the best fans in the world. The Sun's own four losing records at home in the last five years. Their 81 wins are the second-lowest among all NBA teams. Combine that with their average attendance ranking of 25th in the league, it shows that fans have not been helping out.

29. Chicago Bulls

Home Court Record: 80-113 (41.4%)

Playoff Home Court Record: 0-3

Average Attendance: 20,336 (1st in league) (last 5 years)

The Bulls have the biggest home-court advantage in the league because of the fans. The team owns an 80-113 record in the last five years though. That’s a terrible record, but fans continued to pack the United Center to support the team. When the Bulls were 9-32 at home in 2018-2019, the Bulls were No. 2 in attendance. The team ranked No. 1 in attendance consecutive seasons the year before. Unfortunately, the Bulls can’t find ways to win at home.

28. New York Knicks

Home Court Record: 83-109 (43.2%)

Playoff Home Court Record: 1-3

Average Attendance: 19,299 (8th in the league) (last 5 years)

The Knicks ranked in the top-10 in attendance for three consecutive years. Their home record? The Knicks were 19-22, 9-32, and 11-22. When the Knicks won nine games at home, it was tied for the worst overall home record in 2019. Even so, the fans still came to support the team to make it feel like a true home-court advantage.

27. Orlando Magic

Home Court Record: 87-107 (44.8%)

Playoff Home Court Record: 0-4

Average Attendance: 17,574 (17th in the league) (last 5 years)

Somehow, the Magic have ranked near the middle in attendance, averaging a ranking of 17th in the league. Fans showed up to games despite the Magic recording an 86-97 record in five seasons at home. Dwight Howard has been gone since 2012 and the Magic have a long rebuild ahead. It will be interesting to see if fans continue to show up to games.

26. Sacramento Kings

Home Court Record: 87-107 (44.8%)

Playoff Home Court Record: 0-0 (didn’t qualify for playoffs)

Average Attendance: 17,263 (20th in the league) (last 5 years)

Should anyone be surprised here? The Kings haven’t made the playoffs since 2006. The Kings have won the fourth-lowest amount of games in the league, but their attendance rating has hovered around 20th in the league. While California fans have supported the Kings, there is no real home-court advantage because fans haven’t been truly excited about this team in years.

25. Atlanta Hawks

Home Court Record: 95-98 (49.2%)

Playoff Home Court Record: 6-4

Average Attendance: 15,434 (30th in the league) (last 5 years)

The Hawks are on the rise assuming that Trae Young, John Collins, and Co. stay together. However, this data is pooled from the last five years. The Hawks have never ranked higher than 25th in attendance and that includes two years of Young on the team. If the Hawks can continue their postseason run, we could see this home court rocking with all the bandwagon fans coming out.

24. Cleveland Cavaliers

Home Court Record: 97-98 (49.7%)

Playoff Home Court Record: 14-5

Average Attendance: 19,572 (6th in the league) (last 5 years)

The Cavaliers ranked No. 2 in attendance in 2017 and 2018. Who was playing at the time? LeBron James. Since LeBron has left, Cleveland has seen a hard decline in attendance, while their overall record has slipped to 37-76 the last three seasons at home. The Cavaliers own a high attendance rating, but it was only because LeBron was in town. It goes to show that Cleveland fans only showed when LeBron was in town.

23. New Orleans Pelicans

Home Court Record: 97-98 (49.7%)

Playoff Home Court Record: 3-1

Average Attendance: 16,279 (26th in the league) (last 5 years)

Even with Zion Williamson on the team the last two seasons, the Pelicans have been average on the court and in the arena. New Orleans owns just 33 home wins and ranks around 26th in the league in attendance. Because of Williamson, the Pelicans remain an interesting team to rise through the home court rankings as soon as next year.

22. Minnesota Timberwolves

Home Court Record: 96-95 (50.2%)

Playoff Home Court Record: 1-1

Average Attendance: 15,529 (29th in league) (last 5 years)

The Timberwolves own one playoff appearance since 2004 but the team plays well at home despite having a weak roster. The Timberwolves are 96-94 the last five years. That’s right, the Timberwolves find ways to win at home. With that said, their attendance has ranked 30th, 28th, and 29th the last three years, so there is still the issue of getting fans in the seats.

21. Charlotte Hornets

Home Court Record: 96-94 (50.5%)

Playoff Home Court Record: 0-0 (didn’t qualify for playoffs)

Average Attendance: 16,411 (23rd in league) (last 5 years)

The Hornets seem to always hover near the bottom of the standings and that includes their home-court advantage. The Hornets own a 96-94 record at home the last five years but have ranked as low as 29th in attendance. Three years ago, the Hornets were 25-16 at home but ranked 23rd in the league in attendance. Unless LaMelo Ball starts playing like the next superstar, the Hornets will remain near the bottom.

20. Brooklyn Nets

Home Court Record: 99-96 (50.5%)

Playoff Home Court Record: 6-5

Average Attendance: 15,582 (28th in the league) (last 5 years)

The numbers are very consistent and support that fans only care about the Nets when they are relevant. The Nets ranked 28th, 29th, and 30th in attendance over three years. Even when the Nets had Kyrie Irving on the team in his first year, the Nets ranked 24th in attendance. Their 28-8 home record this year is the only reason the Nets have a winning record at home over the last five years.

19. Memphis Grizzlies

Home Court Record: 99-97 (50.5%)

Playoff Home Court Record: 1-3

Average Attendance: 15,975 (27th in the league) (last 5 years)

The Grizzlies own one of the worst attendance ratings in the league but managed to own a record of 99-97 at home. The Grizzlies are one of those teams on the rise though. The Grizzlies are one of the youngest teams in the NBA and have been competing at a high level in recent years. It could be soon that the state of Tennessee is excited about basketball for a chance instead of football and baseball.

18. Detroit Pistons

Home Court Record: 98-94 (51.0%)

Playoff Home Court Record: 0-2

Average Attendance: 16,329 (24th in the league) (last 5 years)

The Pistons have hovered around 24th in the league in attendance and have won close to 100 games the last five years. Their 28th ranking in attendance this past year is a future trend with the complete teardown of the team. The Pistons are in for a long rebuild. Their home-court advantage has all but evaporated since Blake Griffin was let go.

17. Dallas Mavericks

Home Court Record: 101-96 (51.2%)

Playoff Home Court Record: 1-3

Average Attendance: 19,913 (2nd in the league) (last 5 years)

The Mavericks own a strong home court following. The Mavericks are just 101-96 at home the last five seasons but have ranked 4th, 5th, 3rd, and 2nd in league attendance. In 2020, Dallas won just 21 games but was among the league leaders in bringing in fans. Luka Doncic certainly helps with bringing fans to the arena, but those numbers speak loyalty. Even so, it proves that even with fans in the arena, it won’t change the course with an average team.

16. Los Angeles Lakers

Home Court Record: 105-89 (54.1%)

Playoff Home Court Record: 11-5

Average Attendance: 18,698 (10th in league) (last 5 years)

The Lakers had LeBron James on the team for two years when attendance counts were taken and ranked 10th and 9th in consecutive seasons. The Lakers were 22-19 in LeBron’s first season and then 25-10 when Anthony Davis came to town. This is common for the Lakers. Even when Kobe Bryant made the Lakers a championship team in 2009, the Lakers were 8th in attendance. Home court advantage is somewhat real when it comes to the Staples Center.

15. Washington Wizards

Home Court Record: 110-85 (56.4%)

Playoff Home Court Record: 9-2

Average Attendance: 17,277 (19th in league) (last 5 years)

Even with Russell Westbrook and Bradley Beal on the same roster, Washington finished 19-17 at home this past year. Despite John Wall missing parts of two seasons, the Wizards finished above .500 at home both of those years. Washington hovers around the average territory despite the roster, so it’s an easy decision for the team to be in the middle of these rankings as well.

14. Oklahoma City Thunder

Home Court Record: 115-81 (58.6%)

Playoff Home Court Record: 7-3

Average Attendance: 18,203 (14th in the league) (last 5 years)

Having Russell Westbrook, Paul George, and Chris Paul suit up certainly helps with bringing in fans. The Thunder have floated around 14th in the league in attendance, while their 113 wins is a respectable number. OKC has very loyal fans and that was evident during the Westbrook years. The Thunder have been consistent at home, so that helps with giving the team a high ranking.

13. Miami Heat

Home Court Record: 118-77 (60.5%)

Playoff Home Court Record: 6-9

Average Attendance: 19,700 (5th in the league) (last 5 years)

The Heat have ranked in the top-5 in attendance and that was without the likes of LeBron James and Dwyane Wade on the team. Since arriving, Jimmy Butler has led this group to become winners but has the fans believing in the team. Miami won 29 games at home last season, which was third-most in the league. With a continuous high attendance rate, the Heat continued to pack a home-court advantage despite LeBron and Wade being out.

12. Indiana Pacers

Home Court Record: 123-72 (64.1%)

Playoff Home Court Record: 2-5

Average Attendance: 16,522 (22nd in league) (last 5 years)

The Pacers are 113-72 but were 13-23 this past season. Even with four seasons ranking near the top with home court records, the Pacers ranked 22nd in attendance three times. Indiana’s problem has been their constant first-round exits, as well as their inability to land a superstar since the departure of Paul George.

11. Portland Trail Blazers

Home Court Record: 126-69 (64.6%)

Playoff Home Court Record: 7-10

Average Attendance: 19,461 (7th in the league) (last 5 years)

Portland is a sneaky beloved team in the NBA. Portland ranked 9th, 8th, 7th, and 5th in attendance over five years. That also included 126 wins, as well as a 32-9 season in 2018-2019. A lot of that likely had to do with Damian Lillard playing like the league’s best shooter. With that said, you could hear how loud the fans would get, despite the team playing like a mere first-round playoff team.

10. Houston Rockets

Home Court Record: 128-67 (65.6%)

Playoff Home Court Record: 19-8

Average Attendance: 17,71 (16th in league) (last 5 years)

If Houston was more hostile, maybe it would have helped the roster get to an NBA Finals. Despite MVP-caliber seasons for James Harden, the Rockets ranked 21st, 16th, 16th, and 15th in four seasons for attendance. The Rockets still went 128-67 over a five-year span, which includes last season's dismal 9-27 record. Houston fans missed a lot of home wins and will get to wait a long time until that sort of greatness is displayed again.

9. Golden State Warriors

Home Court Record: 128-65 (66.3%)

Playoff Home Court Record: 25-6

Average Attendance: 19,205 (9th in league) (last 5 years)

The Oracle is one of the loudest arenas in the league. Fans have been spoiled with Steph Curry, Kevin Durant, and Klay Thompson in recent years. With 128 wins, three top-10 attendance rankings, and consistent loud fans, Golden State has proven to be a consistent loyal fan base. Don’t believe us? Go back and watch some of the NBA Finals and hear how loud it gets.

8. Los Angeles Clippers

Home Court Record: 130-65 (66.6%)

Playoff Home Court Record: 8-16

Average Attendance: 18,125 (15th in league) (last 5 years)

Los Angeles ranked in the top-10 in attendance in the first season with Kawhi Leonard and Paul George. Overall, the Clippers are 130-65 in five seasons, including four winning seasons with at least 26 wins. Even with the Clippers finishing with 25 more wins than the Lakers in the last five seasons, the team remains in the shadow of the Lakers. The team shares the same home court but has a much lower attendance ranking.

7. San Antonio Spurs

Home Court Record: 129-64 (66.8%)

Playoff Home Court Record: 8-5

Average Attendance: 18,370 (13th in league) (last 5 years)

The Spurs are 129-64 the last five seasons at home but haven’t ranked higher than 12th in attendance. That record is incredibly impressive given that the Spurs have been without Tim Duncan, Tony Parker, and Kawhi Leonard for years. The Spurs won over 30 games three consecutive seasons from 2017-2019. The Spurs are a top-10 home-court team.

6. Boston Celtics

Home Court Record: 132-63 (67.6%)

Playoff Home Court Record: 21-12

Average Attendance: 18,722 (11th in league) (last 5 years)

Playing at TD Garden is an experience for everyone involved. The Celtics displayed competitive teams for almost the entire decade, but even if they didn’t fans would flock to the arena. The Celtics have a strong fan base that shows up to the game. The Celtics hovered around 10th in the league in attendance and won 132 games over five seasons.

5. Toronto Raptors

Home Court Record: 136-59 (69.7%)

Playoff Home Court Record: 12-8

Average Attendance: 19,982 (3rd in the league) (last 5 years)

The Raptors thrive at home and the numbers back it up. For starters, Toronto has ranked third in attendance two times, while their other two seasons ranked fourth. In terms of home wins, their 137 wins are second-most in the last five years. Even before Kawhi Leonard came to town, Toronto owned a 34-7 record at home with Kyle Lowry and DeMar DeRozan. Fans in Canada love their basketball team.

 4. Denver Nuggets

Home Court Record: 138-58 (70.4%)

Playoff Home Court Record: 12-8

Average Attendance: 17,536 (18th in the league) (last 5 years)

Fans are missing out on the opportunity to witness greatness in Denver. For starters, the Nuggets are 138-58 the last five years, but their attendance has ranked 30th, 20th, 12th, and 6th. When the Nuggets went 34-7 in 2018-2019, the team ranked 12th in attendance. The Nuggets owned the best home record in the NBA in 2017-2018 but ranked 20th. The Nuggets find a way to win, but it’s because of their roster, not their fans.

3. Milwaukee Bucks

Home Court Record: 137-57 (70.6%)

Playoff Home Court Record: 18-9

Average Attendance: 16,963 (20th in the league) (last 5 years)

The Bucks are in a similar boat with the Nuggets. The Bucks are 130-57, have a two-time MVP in Giannis Antetokounmpo, and have won at least 30 games at home two times. With that said, the Bucks haven’t ranked over 17th in attendance in the league. Home court advantage should feel like the arena is filled. With all this talent as of late, why hasn’t Milwaukee felt more hostile?

2. Philadelphia 76ers

Home Court Record: 138-56 (71.1%)

Playoff Home Court Record: 11-8

Average Attendance: 19,692 (4th in the league) (last 5 years)

Philadelphia certainly earns the award for a most hostile environment. The 76ers are the league leaders in attendance the last two seasons. That also includes three seasons with at least 30-wins at home. The Philly fan base has some of the most loyal fans in the league. But, when you don’t play well, they can turn on you. Ben Simmons knows a lot about that right now.

1. Utah Jazz

Home Court Record: 140-54 (72.1%)

Playoff Home Court Record: 10-11

Average Attendance: 18,551 (12th in the league) (last 5 years)

It would have been really interesting to see where the Jazz ranked in attendance this year after going 31-5 at home. Two years ago, the Jazz was 29-12 but ranked 14th in attendance. The team ranked as high as sixth in 2017, but Donovan Mitchell wasn’t even playing at the time. The Jazz own the most home wins (140-54) in the last five years, so shouldn’t more fans be showing up to games?

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