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The Big Prediction: Lakers Could Break The Unbreakable 73-9 Warriors Record

Fadeaway World

Fadeaway World

The Los Angeles Lakers are thriving nowadays. They’re the best team in the NBA and it’s not even close, as they’re currently sitting on a 24-3 record and look as sharp in the offensive end as they do in defense.

Anthony Davis’ arrival to the Staples Center has done wonders for the team, and the squad Rob Pelinka put together clicked almost instantaneously. As a matter of fact, they’re looking even better than the Los Angeles Clippers, and Milwaukee Bucks.

And even though it’s still quite early to make predictions and we don’t want to jynx any NBA team, it’s impossible not to think that the Lakers could actually break the Warriors’ 73-9 record. But, is it really possible? Let’s take a look at their schedule and figure it out:

Dec 17 @ Indiana (W)

Dec 19 @ Milwaukee (L)

Dec 22 Vs. Denver (W)

Dec 25 Vs. Clippers (W)

Dec 28 @ Portland (W)

Dec 29 Vs. Dallas (W)

Jan 2 Vs. Phoenix (W)

Jan 4 Vs. New Orleans (W)

Jan 6 Vs. Detroit (W)

Jan 8 Vs. New York (W)

Jan 10 @ Dallas (W)

Jan 11 @ Oklahoma City (W)

Jan 13 Vs. Cleveland (W)

Jan 14 Vs. Orlando (W)

Jan 18 @ Houston (L)

Jan 20 @ Boston (W)

Jan 22 @ New York (W)

Jan 23 @ Brooklyn (W)

Jan 25 @ Philadelphia (L)

Jan 29 Vs. Clippers (W)

Feb 1 Vs. Portland (W)

Feb 2 @ Sacramento (W)

Feb 5 Vs. San Antonio (W)

Feb 7 Vs. Houston (W)

Feb 8 @ Golden State (W)

Feb 11 Vs. Phoenix (W)

Feb 13 @ Denver (W)

Feb 22 Vs. Memphis (W)

Feb 23 Vs. Boston (W)

Feb 26 Vs. New Orleans (W)

Feb 28 @ Golden State (W)

Feb 29 @ Memphis (W)

Mar 1 @ New Orleans (W)

Mar 4 Vs. Philadelphia (W)

Mar 7 Vs. Milwaukee (W)

Mar 8 @ Clippers (L)

Mar 10 Vs. Brooklyn (W)

Mar 12 Vs. Houston (W)

Mar 15 Vs. Denver (W)

Mar 16 @ Utah (W)

Mar 18 Vs. Utah (W)

Mar 21 @ Charlotte (W)

Mar 22 @ Detroit (W)

Mar 24 @ Toronto (L)

Mar 26 @ Cleveland (W)

Mar 28 @ Washington (W)

Mar 30 @ Minnesota (W)

Apr 1 Vs. Indiana (W)

Apr 4 @ Sacramento (W)

Apr 5 Vs. Oklahoma City (W)

Apr 7 Vs. Chicago (W)

Apr 9 Vs. Golden State (W)

Apr 12 Vs. Minnesota (W)

Apr 14 Vs. Sacramento (W)

Apr 15 @ Phoenix (W)

Final Record: 74-8

It will be a big challenge for the Lakers to break the Warriors record, but they are the best team in the league and anything is possible if you have LeBron James and Anthony Davis on the same roster.

We also expect the Lakers land one more All-Star player until the February deadline and if DeMarcus Cousins returns, Los Angeles Lakers will have a powerful squad and they could win a title for the first time since 2010.

For the Lakers fans it is more important to win the Championship than to break the record because ... 73-9 Don't Mean A Thing Without The Ring.


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