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LeBron James and Anthony Davis may be the Lakers’ most talented players, but young point guard Alex Caruso may be the most beloved. The fans love the guy both on the court and off. His teammates seem to share that same admiration, including LeBron James, who did not shy away from noting his importance to the team.

“He gives us everything. He gives us a steady ballhandler, he gives us a defensive presence, he gives us basketball IQ and toughness. And we need everything from that.”

Aside from the beauty of his game on the court, it’s Caruso’s character that has captured the hearts of Lakers fans everywhere. Caruso is far from star-material, but he’s a team player and a modest liver — not one for the theatrics or the drama. He just wants to win and have fun while doing it.

On the floor, he has been a huge success in fitting in with all the new acquisitions. In their latest game against the Pelicans, Caruso was a team-high +23. He is averaging modest numbers (5 points and 2 assists), but his impact is unmatched.

Of course, we know the fame Caruso has garnered on social media as well. His electrifying game and likable personality have made him a fan favorite, and his face has become a bit of a meme on the internet as the “savior” of the Lakers.

Nonetheless, on a serious note, he has been an important player for the Lakers this season. He sets the tone in the games by playing team-first basketball and making smart, selfless, decisions on the floor. Behind the scenes, he stays away from the spotlight and is a shining example of humility in an all-too prideful society

You can joke all you want, but Caruso has clearly made a name for himself in Los Angeles.

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