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A Hilarious Parody Video Showing What The NBA's Snitch Hotline Looks Like

(via Essentially Sports)

(via Essentially Sports)

There has been a lot of back-and-forth regarding the NBA bubble in Orlando. Players have complained about the food, the league spoiled them with their very own barbershop and some people are still wondering whether it'll be a safe environment or not.

We saw players break the rules to pick up delivery food just hours into the bubble. We've seen Mathis Tybulle document life in the bubble on his Vlog. We've seen it all and the league hasn't even started yet.

But one of the things that have given people more to talk about is the NBA's snitch hotline. Players can tell on their teammates and rivals when they see a violation of campus rules, so obviously, that opens up the door for plenty of jokes about what players should or shouldn't do with that kind of power.

That's why CBS Sports made a hilarious parody video about the NBA bubble snitch line, with players telling on J.R. Smith drinking 'gallons' of Hennessey, Kyle Kuzma taking selfies on prohibited places, players deadlifting in their room in the morning, players using their burner accounts on Twitter, and even Giannis hitting threes in practice.

Also, people online once again pointed at Chris Paul as the most likely player to snitch on everybody, especially his former team, the Los Angeles Clippers.

The NBA is missing on a great opportunity to document absolutely everything that happens inside the bubble. I mean, this would break all kinds of rating records as a reality show.

Hundreds of grown men staying away from their friends and family like some kind of college trip and then playing for an NBA Championship? I'd definitely pay to see that. But, seriously, guys, take care and don't break any rules. We really, really miss basketball.