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Buzz And Woody Recreating The Wade And LeBron Moment

Buzzand Woody

One of the most iconic relationships in recent NBA memory is the dynamic between LeBron James and Dwyane Wade, best friends off of the court and perfect teammates on it. It was a dynamic characterized, among other things, by their polarizing alley-oop plays.

In one particular instance, Wade threw a no-look lob behind his back, where James finished with a dunk after catching the pass. It illustrated their chemistry in a way few other things could.

In an interesting adaptation of this signature play, Malachi Wright re-created the image using iconic Toy-Story characters. It has created a buzz on the internet, and rightfully so.

Malachi Wright, also known as 'The Wright Artist,' is a 16-year-old visual artist known for his unique and creative take on pop culture. Malachi is based in the Chicagoland area and attends Thornton Township High School. His artwork has been recognized and even purchased by the likes of rapper Young Thug, Comedians like Martin Lawrence, DL Hugley, actor Will Smith, rapper Snoop Dogg and many more. He also appeared on the Steve Harvey show discussing his iconic "Comedy Shop" piece where he presented the piece to both Martin Lawrence & Steve Harvey. Malachi hopes to inspire and spread positivity with his art. Although he’s not the only visual artist out there who does music-inspired pieces, he is definitely one of the very few who does it clean and presentable at his age.

This specific image features Woody and Buzz, best friends in the fantasy Toy-Story world. Obviously, it is comparable to the relationship between LeBron and Wade.

It’s really interesting to see the play being portrayed this way… it’s something we haven’t seen before.

This is not the first work we’ve seen from Malachi. He has created other great pieces in the past and hopefully will continue his creative adaptations in the future.