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Florida Man Who Trapped An Alligator Takes A Hilarious Shot At Ben Simmons

Florida Man Who Trapped An Alligator Takes A Hilarious Shot At Ben Simmons

It's not a secret that Philadelphia fans are ruthless. They will ride or die with you if they love you but they can make your life a living hell if you're not on their good side.

Ben Simmons is getting just a glimpse of what it's like to not be loved around the streets of the City of Brotherly Love, with fans and even professionals taking shots at him left and right.

The former first-overall just can't catch a break and has been the butt of the joke on several news outlets, with even a weatherman calling him out a couple of days ago:

“Unlike Ben Simmons, we had to show up today and are glad to work for our employers. What is wrong with that guy? I was at that last game. The fans treated him great. Gave him every break, every encouragement. There wasn’t booing. Wait till you come to Philly with another team! Then, you’ll get to see Philly!” the weatherman said.

Now, a Philadelphia native living in Florida also decided to chime in and take a swipe of the Australian star.

This Philly native became viral for catching an alligator with a garbage can, and when asked about it, he said he needed to protect his family so he wasn't going to be like Ben Simmons:

"I just jumped into action and said, 'you know what? I'm not gonna be Ben Simmons, I'm going to get me a basket,'" the man said.

That's gotta hurt. But hey, that's just the way people roll in Philadelphia.

Simmons has completely turned his back to the franchise and has no intention whatsoever of showing up his face in Philly ever again. And, to be honest, you can't blame him. They're merciless.