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NBA Fans Fall In Love With Joy Taylor’s White Bikini Pictures Shot On The Beach: “Proof That There Is God.”

NBA Fans Fall In Love With Joy Taylor’s White Bikini Pictures Shot On The Beach: “Proof That There Is God.”

NBA analysts play a crucial role in making sure that fans of the sport aren't detached from the league with their ice-cold takes and reports. There are many big-name analysts that have assumed that role and kept NBA media interesting for fans.

Fox Sports 1's Joy Taylor certainly falls into that category. Taylor was recently in the headlines for defending Kevin Durant's decision to request a trade from the Brooklyn Nets. She claimed that KD just made this decision to get out of a bad situation and there was no harm in doing so.

Anyway, even NBA analysts need some holidays to enjoy their lives. Taylor did so by spending some time in nature. She posted pictures of the time on her Instagram account as well.

It's safe to say that Taylor looked stunning and NBA fans made sure to shower her with compliments. Here are some of the best comments posted by fans on her breathtaking Instagram post.

beauty2thestreetz: How are u so perfect and kind ❤️.

stanimal1115: 🔥Wow. You are the quintessential embodiment of the renaissance woman! Period, end of discussion lol.

ken_anuah: I can’t swim but this picture makes me want to learn 🙂😍.

_ryanthomasdavis_: Did a tv radio show all week now the weekend she’s relaxing! Well deserved @joytaylortalks 🔥🔥.

kjacksonart: Proof that there is a god🔥🔥🔥.

darrelljones1224: Damn damn gorgeous 🔥🔥🔥.

stoneyy_ykz: Is it getting hot in here or it’s just me ?! Sheeesh. 

person.anton: U are beautiful blk Queen Joy in nature fine !!!!!!!!!!

_the3rdmeech: You are NATURE Joy 😍 ! God took his time with you.

daveiesco: They should put you on sports illustrated mag.

Fans were absolutely mesmerized by her beauty and couldn't help but flood the comments section with compliments.

After some being a crush of millions of NBA fans, Taylor is one of the handfuls of female NBA hosts in the country. It is great to see that she is becoming incredibly successful in her field. This will definitely open up the door for future female hosts in the league.