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NBA Fans React To Zion Williamson Dunking Between Legs Getting Viral

NBA Fans React To Zion Williamson Dunking Between Legs Getting Viral

There are many ways to succeed in the NBA. Each NBA player has a different skill set and can use it in their favor to become a great player in the league. While honing your skills to perfection is essentially an amazing way to become a fantastic player in the league, being freaky athletic will always have an upper hand.

An upper hand, as in the path for super-athletic players is generally easier than for other athletes. Additionally, NBA fans love watching such players flaunt those skills and they become instant fan favorites.

An example of such a player in recent times is New Orleans Pelicans forward Zion Williamson. Zion is certainly a freak of nature and has amazing hops to dunk on just anybody in the league.

Unfortunately, one big flaw in Williamson's game is the fact that he doesn't take proper care of his health. Due to this flaw, he has spent a lot of time of his young NBA career on the sidelines.

Despite that, the Pelicans handed him a huge 5-year $193 million contract extension in hopes of that Williamson will be healthy in the future.

Well, Pelicans fans get ready to be hyped, as recently a video of Zion dunking the basketball between the legs got viral where he looked absolutely scary.

This felt like a slap in the face to his critics, who have always questioned his health. He proved that he still has his unreal bounce and can easily destroy players. But at the same time, looking closely, Zion looks a bit overweight. Here is how NBA fans reacted to this video of Zion pulling off a between-the-legs dunk.

therealfrequentflyer: He still too heavy on the landing and y’all say he still has it like is 36 and 20 years in the pros come on now stop it . he a great player but not healthy. He needs to get the right weight to be consistent playing a full season.

nctmusic: Bro that’s a 50 easy, he took it back to the good days.

darealreemobucks_: Lml him doin that s**t in a sweat suit so effortlessly is crazy.

jonramogul: None of y’all on this post still got it. Y’all ain’t been the same since middle school 😂.. judging somebody that just signed a $190+ million contract 🤦🏽‍♂️.

_rsautonatos: Notice his weight 🤷‍♂️ I think the pictures of a ripped Zion were fake.

bpap39: How the hell that back board ain’t shatter🤣.

takota_laudie: Of course he still has it. Zion isn’t some chump, I don’t care what anyone says. I think he’ll have an incredible season this next one🙌🔥.

ramamdan.redzepi: You saying "still" like he is 38y old... dude the guy is 21... Our inner child is that kid in the yellow tee fr 😂.

mgtot14: Smooth asf🔥

Most NBA fans loved Zion's amazing dunk. But at the same time they were also worried that Zion still needs to lose some more weight.

Being a bit overweight has been a constant issue for the 21-year-old. There is no doubt that he possesses a lot of talent, but what good is that talent if he can't stay healthy to play a full NBA season?