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Patrick Beverley Shoots His Shot With Iggy Azalea

Patrick Beverley Shoots His Shot With Iggy Azalea

As the Los Angeles Clippers keep their quest for the NBA title, some of their players are out there looking for fun. That is the case with Patrick Beverley, who appeared in a recent video shooting his shot with a famous rapper.

Iggy Azalea, free agent Nick Young’s former fiancee, was the subject of Beverley’s message, as the guard didn’t miss the chance to let the Australian singer what was happening.

Beverley appeared on the cover of Slam Magazine alongside teammates Montrezl Harrell and Lou Williams. When asked ‘who’s the most likely to hit a red carpet event in L.A.?’, Bev saw a chance and took it.

“Yeah, I’ve been looking for Iggy [Azalea],” he started.

Then, when Lou Williams encouraged him to continue, it was nonstop for the Clippers star.

“Yo Iggy check it out. Listen, the past is the past. I’ve been looking for Iggy, man. Iggy Azalea. I’m right here.

“I’ve been trying to shoot my shot for a long time and this is the perfect platform to shoot it.”

We’re not sure what Beverley is trying to say with ‘the past is the past’. Maybe it’s Iggy’s past with Nick Young or there is an unknown event that happened between the pair.

Still, Bev is confident his message will be received. It remains to be seen if his shot actually lands in a good spot.