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Basketball Fans React To The Greatest NBA Players To Never Have A Solo NBA 2K Cover: "Stephen Curry Not Having Is The Wild One"

Basketball Fans React To The Greatest NBA Players To Never Have A Solo NBA 2K Cover: "Stephen Curry Not Having Is The Wild One"

If you love to play basketball games, then there is no way that you haven't heard of the NBA 2K franchise. The franchise has been almost the sole source of basketball video game action for fans for several years.

A new edition of the series will be released later this year. It will be titled NBA 2K23, and this time around, Phoenix Suns superstar Devin Booker will be on the game's cover.

Booker has enjoyed a lot of success in the league over the last two seasons. As a result, he has also been rewarded well by the Suns. Booker recently signed a 4-year $224 million supermax extension with the Suns. Along with this news, it was also revealed that he would be NBA 2K23's cover athlete.

It is good to see D-Book get recognition, as he certainly deserves it. But at the same time, many fans thought that Golden State Warriors superstar Stephen Curry would get be on the cover of the game this time.

On that note, there are many other all-time NBA great players who are yet to feature on NBA 2K games as cover athletes.

Alongside Steph, players like Russell Westbrook, James Harden, Kawhi Leonard, and Tim Duncan haven't gotten a solo NBA 2K cover in their respective careers. Basketball fans were a bit shocked upon hearing that and had all sorts of reactions after learning this.

johanes_piscikas: Curry not having one is wild.

fampnpw: Curry should be on cover of NBA 2k, He’s influential for NBA🙏🏻.

mattqustandi: I don’t think it matters who’s on the cover. We just want a new game instead of a Roster update.

nhoff07: Booker is the worst main 2k cover athlete of all time 💀.

jesse_f6: Curry not having one after his finals MVP and Devin Booker getting one is insane.

its.justjordan_: Tracy mcgrady might be on the legend cover this year.

stxrm.wav: The fact Westbrook don't have one is wild asf.

we.see.ghosts: Russ prime was worse than jokic kidd and Nash?!?!? Russ and harden have similar accomplishments and I keep seeing people have harden way up???? Russ is more accomplished than Nash aside from an mvp and kidd aside from a chip! Stop the bs.

dotsindasp0t_224: Tmac had a NBA live cover tho.

mackmitchellguitars: Tim Duncan wasn’t on 2k cover but was on the solo cover of NBA live 2000.

Some players on the list haven't been on the covers of any basketball games, while a few of them have been on the covers of NBA Live games.

Regardless, it's still surprising that they never got a chance to be featured on covers of NBA 2K games. Steph Curry should be on an NBA 2K game cover by next year. He is one of the most influential players of this generation and deserves it.