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Andre Iguodala To Max Kellerman: "Congratulations On 5 Great Years... Appreciate You Supporting Me, Knowing Who Should Take The Last Shot When The Earth Is On The Line."

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Max Kellerman will be leaving the show First Take to start a new venture at ESPN, but there's no doubt that the show has had a good run with him. There have been many hilarious moments shared between him and co-host Stephen A. Smith.

Some of those hilarious moments involved Max Kellerman making controversial takes, with a lot of fans flaming him for his statements. One of the most known controversial takes by Max Kellerman once featured Andre Iguodala and Stephen Curry, with Kellerman stating that he'd rather have Iguodala take a final shot for the Warriors. 

I want Iguodala, and I know what that sounds like. And it's not fair to Steph because so much defensive attention is paid to him. And I'm not saying Steph's not a better shooter, he's a way better shooter. Iguodala has got ice water in his veins, he's that type of player.

There is no doubt that this was a controversial take, as generally, you want your superstar taking shots down the clutch. In this case, that would be Stephen Curry. However, it seems as though Max Kellerman valued Andre Iguodala's "clutch" abilities.

Ahead of Max Kellerman leaving First Take, Andre Iguodala has posted a warm message to the analyst, while also joking about this moment that went viral at the same time.

Max what's up. It's your boy here, congratulations on 5 great years. To many more great years in your next endeavours... From one of your favorite fans, appreciate you supporting me, knowing who should take the last shot when the Earth is on the line. So congrats, and here's to the future.

Andre Iguodala clearly had fun with this message for Kellerman. Max Kellerman can be controversial with his takes, but there's no one that can deny that he provides great entertainment. Hopefully, he is successful in his next venture.