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Anthony Davis Gets Real On Trade Rumors: "I Can't Control Those Things... "

Anthony Davis1

The 2021-22 season has been a failure for the Los Angeles Lakers. Many thought that a team with Anthony Davis, LeBron James, and Russell Westbrook would be competing for the NBA championship, but they ended up missing the playoffs entirely.

There have been a lot of opinions on how the Los Angeles Lakers will try to improve their roster. A report even suggested that an Anthony Davis trade will be "something that's discussed" by the Lakers.

The Los Angeles Lakers will keep their options open to improve the roster in the offseason, which includes potentially trading Anthony Davis, as ESPN's Brian Windhorst predicted Tuesday on Get Up: "I think it will be something that's discussed," Windhorst said of a Davis trade.

Anthony Davis has recently spoken on being put in trade rumors, claiming that it's something he "can't control". He also added that he doesn't think the team is "planning to do anything" with him when it comes to trades. Dave McMenamin of ESPN relayed the news.

"I can't control those things," Davis told ESPN after the Lakers' loss to the Phoenix Suns on Tuesday, which eliminated L.A. from play-in tournament contention. "That's an upstairs thing. A Klutch, Rich Paul thing. My agency.

"I mean, my job is to go out and play basketball. Obviously I love it in L.A. If that's something that they're considering, then we'll have a conversation about it. I don't know what they're talking about, what's the plan."

To be clear, Davis has no indication that the Lakers will trade him, but as a 10-year NBA veteran, he is aware of how the league works. "I mean, I don't think they're planning on doing anything [with me]," he said. "I don't know, man. F---, I don't know."

L.A. traded for Davis nearly three years ago, sending Brandon Ingram, Lonzo Ball, Josh Hart, three first-round picks and two pick swaps to the New Orleans Pelicans for the talented big man.

An Anthony Davis trade would definitely bring in some solid players back for the Los Angeles Lakers, but that's not necessarily the optimal move. Anthony Davis is a top-tier player when healthy, and his two-way presence is hard to replicate.

Hopefully, the Los Angeles Lakers figure out a way to improve their roster this offseason. They clearly need to make some changes, and it'll be interesting to see how they approach making the team better.