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Anthony Davis Says He's Ready To Lead The Lakers: "I Have The CapabilIty Of Doing So"

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Anthony Davis is about to start a new season with the Los Angeles Lakers after a tumultuous 2020/21 campaign where injuries prevented him from being as consistent and impactful as he was during his first term with the team. 

Davis and his team are ready to bounce back and take revenge in the Western Conference to reclaim the NBA championship. The big man is seen as the future of the franchise once LeBron James retires from the game, but some people think this year can be the one where The King passes the torch to Davis.

During the Lakers media day, The Brow was asked about his responsibilities this upcoming season. More specifically, he was inquired if he could lead the team, as to what he confidently replied:

"I think I have the capability of doing so... Guys have talked to me about 'this is your team, we go as you go.'"

AD knows the Lakers have big expectations for him. After a moved offseason, the purple and gold need him to step up and become the No. 1 option on the roster. Sacrifices will be important for this team, and AD is well aware of that. That's why he's 'comfortable' playing as center. 

"For the most part I think the plan is to go with me playing center," the former New Orleans Pelicans said. 

This season is expected to be exciting for the Lakers. They have a terrific team, and regardless of who's the leader, they should be good to go to, at least, to the NBA Finals. Once they make it there, the story will be different, but there's no doubt they're clear-cut favorites to come out of the West.