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Ayesha Curry On Stephen Curry Breaking Records: "He Comes Home, And It's Like It Never Happened. He Just Wants Some Popcorn And Some Candy."



Stephen Curry is one of the world's most exciting superstars. There is no doubt that he is a box office talent, and his shooting continues to amaze fans even when the Golden State Warriors are losing. While the Golden State Warriors have been inconsistent as a team this season, there is no doubt that Stephen Curry is having one of the best individual years of his career.

The race to get the NBA scoring title is close, but currently, Stephen Curry is in the lead, averaging an astounding 31.9 PPG. A large portion of Stephen Curry's scoring comes from shooting the ball from beyond the arc, and with his increased offensive usage this season, he was bound to break some records.

It seems as though every day we hear of Stephen Curry breaking yet another shooting record, and at this point, it has become commonplace. Curry's wife, Ayesha Curry, has revealed that despite Stephen Curry enjoying an amazing year, he has remained a humble superstar. (3:48)

It’s insane. And he’s one of the older guys out there now, believe it or not. It’s been really cool to watch him break all these records and do it with such humility, and humbleness. He comes home, and it’s like it never happened. He just wants some popcorn and some candy.

Stephen Curry has always been a superstar without an ego, and he lets his play do the talking on the court. He has been truly special this season, and some have compared his offensive year to his unanimous MVP season. If Stephen Curry continues at this pace, then these Golden State Warriors will be a dangerous matchup for their opponents in the playoffs.