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Ben Simmons Has Played More Minutes In Call Of Duty Than In The NBA

Ben Simmons Has Played More Minutes In Call Of Duty Than In The NBA

Ben Simmons is one of the biggest question marks in the league at the moment, if not the biggest. He was front and center in the media for a huge chunk of last season. His exit saga from the Philadelphia 76ers lasted seemingly forever. Daryl Morey eventually found a trade for Simmons, with James Harden becoming the piece the Sixers got in return, something Morey had been trying to make happen for a long time. 

And fans were waiting to see if Simmons would return to action once he was traded, but he ended up never making an appearance for the Nets. With all the drama surrounding Kevin Durant and Kyrie Irving, it looked like he might leave without ever playing a game for the franchise at all. However, things seem to have settled down despite the chaos in Brooklyn, and Simmons has been working out with the team throughout the summer. 

How he will look upon his return to the league is a question mark. Simmons shooting woes are among the most discussed and well-known phenomena in the league. But apart from that, he is very much an All-Star, an elite passer, and a DPOY-level defender, someone that can excel in the Draymond Green role. However, at this point, he's missed a lot of games in his career. 

Ben Simmons Has Played More Call Of Duty Minutes Than NBA Minutes

In a sport like basketball, there are stats, and there are stats. What that means is that while some stats are excellent at providing context and information, others make a larger point as to a player or a team that needs to be addressed. And a recent one became popular, which said that Ben Simmons has now logged in more minutes playing the video game Call Of Duty than he has in the NBA.

"Ben Simmons has more Call of Duty minutes played than in the NBA.

COD: 9,784 

NBA: 9,326 

No typos here."

Simmons missed the entirety of his rookie season due to injury, and then obviously didn't play for all of the 2021-22 season as well. He has played less than 60 games in 2 out of his 4 NBA seasons as well, meaning he has missed a lot of time. However, his Call Of Duty logs seem quite consistent, a bit of a commentary on the former All-Star's priorities. Simmons really needs to get his act together and impress again next season unless he wants his career to slowly wither away.