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Bobby Portis Explains Why He Left The New York Knicks: “I Just Wanted To Go To A Winning Culture"

Bobby Portis Explains Why He Left New York Knicks: “I Just Wanted To Go To A Winning Culture"

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Bobby Portis is having a fantastic season with the Milwaukee Bucks right now. The big man from the University of Arkansas joined the Bucks during free agency in 2020. Since then, he has been a key role player for the Bucks throughout the season. Because he plays a similar position to star player Giannis Antetokounmpo, he doesn't get much playing time. However, Portis has come up big for the Bucks whenever he's been asked. So far, his stint with the Bucks has been going very well.

But why did Bobby Portis choose to leave the New York Knicks? Well, it turns out, it was a concern over the culture. Portis spoke recently with The Athletic to talk about his new season. After seeing his team not be invited to the NBA Bubble, and years of poor performance urged him to finally call time on New York. The arrivals of Leon Rose and William Wesley were good, but their impact was unknown. Portis wanted to be part of a team with a culture of winning.

“The Knicks turned my option down and they offered me another deal, but I didn’t really know if it was going to be a good situation for me. The year prior, it wasn’t a good situation for me at all. It just wasn’t a culture I was used to. Obviously, Leon (Rose) and (William Wesley) and those guys were going to come in and try to change it around, but I just wanted to go to a winning culture and where I felt like I can fit in with guys.”

While the New York Knicks showed a serious turnaround in their culture and performances this season, Portis will have no regrets about his decision. He was a solid performer for the Bucks as they reached the NBA Finals. And now, he will be looking to help secure the team a championship.