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Bradley Beal Defends Russell Westbrook: "He’s All About Team. He’s All About Winning.”

Bradley Beal Defends Russell Westbrook- "He’s All About Team. He’s All About Winning.”

Despite being a multiple-time All-Star and former NBA MVP, Russell Westbrook is among the most heavily criticized players in the league. His failure to win a ring and often stand-offish approach to the media often has fans reacting negatively, labeling him as a "bad teammate" or even a "locker room cancer."

But in an appearance on "The Jump," Wizards co-star Bradley Beal came to his teammate's defense, citing that the rumors about him are completely wrong...

“Everybody has this misconception on Russ that he’s a bad teammate, doesn’t get along with coaches and only cares about himself,” Beal said. “When he got here, it’s the complete opposite. He loves his teammates. He’s all about his teammates. He’s all about team. He’s all about winning.”

The statement comes after an 8-2 stretch for the Wizards, which has vaulted them into play-in range.

And while the East is often credited for being weak, the play of Beal and, specifically, Westbrook has to be taken into account. A 12-year veteran, Russ is averaging a triple-double this season for the fourth time in his career, with 21.8 points, 11 assists, and 11 rebounds per game.

His role as a leader in the locker room also deserves appreciation, as Beal (and several others) have noted he is doing a good job of bringing the team together.

Whatever the case, love him or hate him, he's doing some spectacular things in D.C. this year, and Bradley Beal wants the world to know.