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Bradley Beal Says "It's Fair" To Say He's Leaning Towards Re-Signing With The Wizards

Bradley Beal

Despite not being named an All-Star this season, Bradley Beal remains a vital member of the Washington Wizards.

At 28-years-old, he has cemented himself as a top-tier scorer and shooter who is capable of shining in big moments.

With a player option on the last year of his current deal, Beal has the option to check out and leave the Wizards for good this summer, and it's a scenario that looks increasingly likely for the struggling Wizards.

When asked straight up about his future with the team, and if he's leaning one way or the other on re-signing, the 3x All-Star did confirm he's leaning towards staying put.

Bradley Beal when asked if it's fair to say he's leaning towards re-signing: "That's fair, that's fair."

He also laid out some of the things that will factor into his decision at the end of the season.

When asked for the most important factors in deciding his future, Bradley Beal said winning and the organization's role in the community.

"It's a big summer and I'm excited for it. Ted, Tommy, we all are."

Despite how disappointing his tenure with the Wizards has been, it's not hard to imagine why he'd be tempted to extend his stay. If he agrees to a new deal with his current team, he'd be eligible for a projected five-year, $246 million contract.

As the team's best and longest-tenured player, Beal also enjoys the luxuries of being a franchise guy  -- luxuries he may not get if he goes somewhere else.

This season, the Wizards started off well before cooling off and settling towards a place near the bottom of the standings. Statistically, it has been Beal's worst season since the 2017-18 campaign.

The path ahead isn't easy to see, but it all hinges on Beal's upcoming decision. He's got 246 million reasons to stay in D.C., but the lure of winning a title could still win out in the end.