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Brian Windhorst Takes A Subtle Shot At LeBron James And Draymond Green's Roles In Society: “They Are Cherry Picking”

NBA Executive On Draymond Green: "He's Been Following LeBron Around Like A Puppy Dog These Last Couple Of Years.”

Over the last few weeks, many NBA players have expressed their honest opinions about getting vaccinated to start the new season. While most players have agreed to get vaccinated (as they should), some took a little more convincing. Andrew Wiggins of the Golden State Warriors was quite adamant about not getting vaccinated but finally agreed to do it.

Following that, Draymond Green said it was Wiggins' decision to get vaccinated or stay unvaccinated. Lakers superstar LeBron James supported Green's stance. It led to some questioning whether the likes of Green and James are taking their roles as an influence on society seriously or not.

NBA analyst Brian Windhorst was quite vocal about it. He might even have taken a subtle dig at the two superstars. 

Via The Hoop Collective podcast

"The position that’s difficult that Draymond and LeBron took afterward is they are part of this ‘More Than An Athlete’ brand, where they say ‘We can use our influence to do things that are way outside basketball.’ Which is obviously the evolution of a modern athlete, in a clearly positive direction."

While Windhorst agrees that the 'More Than An Athlete' brand is a step in the right direction, he further mentioned that players might be sharing their opinions selectively.

"But, they are cherry-picking. This is why it’s dangerous to do this. Because, you can’t say you’re more than an athlete on some things, and then on other things say ‘What do I know, who am I to say?‘ It creates a disingenuous situation.”

As Windhorst mentioned, players that hold great influence are essentially playing it safe about players not getting vaccinated. Instead, they should be the ones to encourage others to get vaccinated so the new season can begin and it can go without any unnecessary delays.

Even NBA legend Kareem Abdul-Jabbar called out LeBron for his stance on players not getting the vaccination

Let's hope before the season begins most players are vaccinated and everyone stays safe. Otherwise, it will only increase the chances of another outbreak of the virus. We, as NBA fans, certainly do not want to see that.