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Cade Cunningham Says LeBron James Could Score A Touchdown In The NFL Today

LeBron James

LeBron James isn't just one of the NBA's greatest players. He's also probably one of the world's All-Time greatest athletes.

His amazing strength, durability, and longevity have kept him at the top of the food chain for almost two decades now, which a truly unprecedented in the NBA.

But could his talent also translate to another sport? According to Cade Cunningham, the answer is yes. When asked to list some players he thinks could score a touchdown in today's NFL, the Pistons rookie named King James and his co-star, Anthony Davis.

(via Jason Dumas of Bleacher Report)

“I’m sure LeBron could have in his day. Anthony Davis,” Cunningham said. “Saddiq Bey would probably score some touchdowns. If I was his quarterback, I would get him the ball in the end zone. I’m sure there’s a bunch of guys who can score.”

Anthony Davis can barely go a month without missing games, so it's unlikely his body could handle the physicality of an NFL game.

LeBron, however, is a different story. While he might be a little too old for such a feat now, he probably could have made the jump in his younger days.

In fact, he once got offers from NFL teams during the NBA's lockout season in 2011.

"That's true. Jerry Jones offered me a contract, also Pete Carroll did as well in Seattle, during our lockout time," LeBron said. "It definitely got my blood flowing again, it got my mind racing again thinking about the game of football, being out there on Sunday. You know, we was able to get a deal done in the NBA, and I was back on the court in no time. But I definitely thought about it. I still got the jersey too, that Jerry and Pete Carroll sent me from 2011."

Obviously, James never made the switch and it's unlikely he ever will. Considering all he's been able to accomplish so far, it's safe to say it was a pretty good decision.

Unfortunately, Bron isn't having an easy run with the Lakers this season. As his team struggles, and drama behind the scenes unfolds, it's becoming apparent that not even James can fix the team as it is.

Changes will come, and LeBron will continue to play his game just as he has for the past 18 years.