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Carmelo Anthony: 'Michael Jordan Is The GOAT'

(via Twitter)

(via Twitter)

The GOAT conversation has been a matter of debate for years. Whether it's MJ, LeBron, Kobe, Magic, or Kareem, the answer to the "greatest of all-time" question just depends on who you ask.

For NBA superstar Carmelo Anthony, he made his choice for the GOAT title very clear in a chat with CBS Sports.

Carmelo has played against Kobe and LeBron over the course of his career, but even he can't deny the gigantic footprint MJ left on the game. He accomplished many things on the court and had the whole world mesmerized in a way that likely will never be topped. Michael Jordan had the NBA on its heels and has a spotless resume to prove it.

And while Carmelo is obviously giving Jordan the crown, he's preaching for people to recognize and appreciate greatness in other guys as well.

For LeBron and Kobe, they each have their own successes and failures. They're both special, dominant players who deserve their places on the NBA's player hierarchy.

We can appreciate one without discrediting another. Carmelo seems to understand this more than anyone.