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Chris Broussard: "Kevin Durant's Problem Right Now Is That He Doesn't Shoot Enough 3's. He Is Such A Mid-Range Assassin That He Doesn't Take Enough From Behind The Arc."

kd shot

Chris Broussard made a case for Kevin Durant as the best offensive player in the NBA right now. The Brooklyn Nets superstar picked things exactly where he left them after missing the entire 2019/20 season, but the analyst thinks he needs to change his shot selection slightly to reach the next level. 

During a recent edition of "Speak For Yourself," Broussard pointed out the differences between Durant and Stephen Curry, probably the hottest player in the league right now. Chris explained Durant's problem right now and why he's a more dangerous player than Steph. He has been touted as the best offensive weapon in the association, but not for the Fox Sports journalist. 

"Kevin Durant's problem right now is that he doesn't shoot enough threes. He's averaging 28 points on 55% shooting and 48% from three. But he is such a midrange assassin that he doesn't take enough from behind the arc. He's only averaging 5.5 3P attempts per game. If Kevin Durant started taking more 3s, like eight or nine a game, you will see his scoring average go up even more."

Although Curry has been torching teams for the past couple of weeks, Broussard still has Durant as the best offensive player in the league. Durantula and his team are going through a 4-game losing streak right now, but you can blame their defense on that, not their offense. 

Right now, Durant is averaging 28.0 points, 6.9 rebounds and 5.1 assists per game. It's well known that he can score at will from any spot on the court. Yet, for the analyst, he should start taking more 3s to pump up his numbers.