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Chris Broussard: 'Stephen Curry Is The Best Leader In The NBA, Not LeBron James'

Credit: Getty Images

Credit: Getty Images

Sports analyst Chris Broussard picked Stephen Curry as the best leader in the NBA. The Golden State Warriors superstar has taken his franchise to become the biggest force in the league, making five straight trips to the NBA Finals, winning three titles in that span.

Curry has shown a great personality on and off the court, earning big praise from his colleagues, fans, and analysts. While some say LeBron James is the best leader in the league, Broussard believes Curry has no competition in that item.

Talking on the latest The Odd Couple podcast, Broussard said:

“LeBron has been great, but who do I think is the best leader in basketball? The best leader in the NBA is Steph Curry,” Broussard said.

“He’s [Steph Curry] like Tim Duncan. Different personalities and all of that, but they set the tone for the franchise. Steph’s selflessness, his egolessness, the fact that he’s totally ‘first is the team’ guy, the fact that when Durant came, he totally embraced, he is the best leader,” he continued.

“When your best player is like that is the best for the organization. I can’t think of anything that Steph has done publicly, that is anti-team,” the analyst added.

Steph has always placed the team ahead of himself, which is why he’s so beloved in the Bay. The 2x NBA MVP is known as one of the most unselfish players in the history of the game and you can say that has paid off for him and the team. The Warriors were a powerhouse in the league until this season. Klay Thompson didn’t play a single game and Curry only managed to play five after breaking his left hand at the beginning of the season.

Now the Dubs have the chance to return stronger next season, with Klay and Curry back in action. The former Davidson player expects to lead this team to another Finals, sharing touches with his splash brother, Draymond Green, Andrew Wiggins and probably a top draft pick.