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Damian Lillard Jokes With Twitter Troll Who Mocked His Career: "I Ain't S**t."

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Damian Lillard

When healthy, Damian Lillard is one of the best point guards in the league. There's no doubt that he's a superstar-caliber player when he has it going. Unfortunately, he had an injury-riddled season, and hopefully, he can get healthy and show his talent once again next season.

Despite the fact that he was included in the Top-75 players of the all-time list by the NBA, there's no doubt that Damian Lillard was underrated throughout his career. There's no doubt that he has had some amazing years with the Trail Blazers. 

An NBA fan has recently posted a graphic that mocked Damian Lillard's career, pointing out that he's never won an MVP award, a scoring title, or an assist title. The graphic also showed that he has never made it to the Finals. Damian Lillard responded to the graphic, joking that he "ain't s**t".

Not every player is destined for a championship. Damian Lillard's loyalty has kept him with the Portland Trail Blazers, but they have been unable to put a championship-level core around him. They ended up trading guard CJ McCollum to the New Orleans Pelicans at the trade deadline this season, so perhaps that could mean there are more moves on the horizon.

The Portland Trail Blazers have recently been linked with Zach LaVine, with ESPN's Brian Windhorst suggesting that they could be a "potential landing spot" for the electric shooting guard. This would give the Portland Trail Blazers an elite co-star to put next to Damian Lillard:

"ESPN's Brian Windhorst reported at the 22:00 mark of his Hoop Collective podcast Tuesday that the initial impression around the NBA was that LaVine was 'off the market.' Now, there isn't as much certainty that he'll stay in Chicago. Windhorst added that the Portland Trail Blazers have 'popped up' as a potential landing spot."

It remains to be seen if Damian Lillard will end up winning a championship or getting to the Finals in the future. There's no doubt that he could do so were he to try to ring chase like some other stars, but it seems unlikely as of now that he'll end up leaving the Portland Trail Blazers.

Hopefully, Damian Lillard can get more respect for what he has done for the game in the future. He was one of the players that helped change the game with his shooting ability, and there's no doubt that he's a player that is well-respected by his peers.