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Zach LaVine Could Potentially Land With The Portland Trail Blazers, Says NBA Insider

Zach LaVine Could Potentially Land With The Portland Trail Blazers, Says NBA Insider

One of the biggest names in free agency this offseason is Zach LaVine, with the Chicago Bulls All-Star an unrestricted free agent as of the end of this season. The Bulls will be hoping to retain LaVine but he will be looking for a max contract and will be entertaining offers from other franchises across the league. Several teams could improve by acquiring LaVine's services and there are a few destinations he could end up at even with a sign and trade

The New York Knicks are always looking for an All-Star, the Denver Nuggets could do with some star power to back up Nikola Jokic and the Bulls need LaVine back if they want to keep building on their 6th seed finish in the Eastern Conference this season. However, another team has now been mentioned as a potential landing spot for the 2-time All-Star, the Portland Trail Blazers, something Brian Windhorst mentioned on his Hoop Collective podcast (via Bleacher Report).

"ESPN's Brian Windhorst reported at the 22:00 mark of his Hoop Collective podcast Tuesday that the initial impression around the NBA was that LaVine was "off the market." Now, there isn't as much certainty that he'll stay in Chicago. Windhorst added that the Portland Trail Blazers have "popped up" as a potential landing spot."

LaVine has averaged over 25 points and almost 5 rebounds and 5 assists per game over the last two seasons, shooting a whopping 40% from behind the three-point line. Zach also has the athleticism and at 27, is just entering his basketball prime, making him an excellent option if the Blazers want to quickly build around Lillard. 

New permanent General Manager Joe Cronin could pull off a huge swoop if he can land LaVine and it would bring Portland back to instant contender status if they can also get some other role players in the offseason. While LaVine hasn't indicated that he's leaving Chicago, his decision promises to be one of the bigger decisions this offseason.