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Damian Lillard Supports Caleb Swanigan: "You Don't Know What It Is He's Going Through To Cause A Drastic Change."

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caleb swanigan

Sometimes, it is tough for athletes to stay in shape while they are not actively playing in the league, and that may have been amplified amid the pandemic, which forced many to stay home. It would be understandable if some athletes got out of shape during the last year.

Caleb Swanigan is currently a free agent basketball player that last played for the Portland Trail Blazers. He recently went viral on Twitter due to his weight gain. The Tweet in question has since been deleted, but it originally asked how Caleb Swanigan gained a lot of weight, despite being fit and in the NBA during the 2019-20 season.

Damian Lillard has come to Caleb Swanigan's defense on Instagram and has blasted the people who asked how Swanigan went from NBA-level fitness to looking like he is now. Damian Lillard referred to the fact that Caleb Swanigan has "real life" issues. However, Lillard did mention that if people were going to be supportive, then that's okay. The photo of Swanigan was taken amid his recent court appearance, and the article mentions that he got busted for marijuana and drug paraphernalia during 2020.


“Swanigan, 23, was pulled over around 2 a.m. on Dec. 23, 2020, on eastbound U.S. 30 by Columbia City Police. During the stop, police found 3.4 pounds of marijuana in Swanigan’s vehicle, as well as $3,415 in cash and some drug paraphernalia. Swanigan was arrested and booked into the Whitley County Jail. He was released on bond.”

There are occasions where we realize the simple reality that things can get tough for people, and real-life circumstances get in the way of things. Damian Lillard understands that, and it is good to see him come to a former teammate's defense. Hopefully, Caleb Swanigan can get figure everything out, and come out on top of his struggles.