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DeMar DeRozan On How Close He Is With Kyle Lowry: "If My Mom Had Another Son, It'd Be Kyle."

DeMar DeRozan On How Close He Is With Kyle Lowry: "If My Mom Had Another Son, It'd Be Kyle."

Three years after they last played together, DeMar DeRozan and Kyle Lowry reunited again by clashing at the United Center on Saturday night. It was an emotional game for the former Toronto Raptors duo, who didn't hide the excitement to see each other before the match started. 

DeRozan and Lowry couldn't make the Finals together, mainly because of LeBron James' domination in the Eastern Conference during the 2010s. They took separate ways when the Raptors traded for Kawhi Leonard, sending DeRozan to San Antonio. 

Now, with the Chicago Bulls, DeRozan is trying to finally make the Finals, while Lowry is trying to help the Heat return to the big series. He won the championship in 2019 and isn't satisfied with one title. 

Ahead of the Bulls-Heat game, they met on the court, drawing big reactions from everybody with knowledge of their close relationship. 

After the game was over, DeRozan reflected on his friendship with Kyle, saying that they're as close as two brothers.

"If my mom had another son, it'd be Kyle. If his mom had another son, it'd be me. That's as simple as I can put it. That's how close we are. That's what it is to me," DeRozan said.

It's very cool seeing these two still going strong. They have been on different paths since 2018 and now could clash for the right to play in the 2022 NBA Finals. The Bulls created a solid team this offseason after adding DeRozan, Lonzo Ball, and Alex Caruso. The Heat signed Lowry and PJ Tucker, bolstering their ranks. 

The first duel between these two inspired squads saw the Heat leaving the United Center with the W, but the Bulls will try to get revenge next Dec. 11 when they travel to the FTX Arena.

DeRozan finished with 28 points and 7 rebounds. Lowry dropped 19 points to go along with 5 rebounds and 6 assists.