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Donovan Mitchell Is Reportedly Extremely Frustrated With Rudy Gobert



Rudy Gobert treated the Coronavirus threat as a joke, making a point to intentionally touch his teammates and their stuff.

As it turns out, he had the virus despite not displaying any severe symptoms — and exposed a lot of people with his reckless behavior.

One such victim was Jazz star, Donovan Mitchell, who is apparently “very upset” with Gobert’s behavior in the days leading up to his outbreak.

While there is no proof that Donovan contracted the virus directly from Gobert, it seems the most likely case scenario at the point. It’s also believed that he passed the virus on to a young fan.

Gobert made a public apology and seemed really genuine about learning from his mistake, but his actions may have dire consequences if the situation doesn’t improve. With the season expected to return in a month, the two teammates have to maintain a healthy relationship if they want to make a deep playoff run.

Of course, Gobert also has to worry about the health of all those he may have infected. It’ll be a trying few weeks for him as the situation continues to develop.