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Draymond Green Has No Regrets About Flipping Off Grizzlies Fans: "If They're Gonna Be Nasty, I Can Be Nasty Too."

Draymond Green Reacts To Jae Crowder Getting A Flagrant-1 For Kicking Luka Doncic In The Groin: “Been Ejected For Less.”

Draymond Green is a player that is unafraid to speak his mind, even on matters that are controversial. There is no doubt that he often does controversial things on the court himself.

Recently, during Game 2, Draymond Green ended up showing two middle fingers to the Grizzlies fans while going to the locker room to get checked out for an injury. It is clear that this was something unacceptable, and it seems likely that the forward will get fined for it.

After the game, Draymond Green revealed that he had no regrets about what he did, even claiming that it "felt really good" to show the middle fingers to the fans. It seems as though he had an issue with him getting booed after getting elbowed and getting injured. 

I'll take the fine... It just felt really good to flip them off. You’re gonna boo someone who got elbowed in the eye and has blood running down your face I could have had a concussion. If they're gonna be nasty, I can be nasty. 

There is no doubt that Draymond Green getting injured was unfortunate, but he was also able to return to the game. This series has been very physical, and neither the Memphis Grizzlies nor the Golden State Warriors are backing down. Draymond Green himself has committed a Flagrant 2 type foul in the series already.

Both teams are capable of winning the series at this point, and it remains to be seen if the Warriors are able to bounce back from this loss. They do have their next two games at home though, so there's a decent chance they could win both games.

Draymond Green will need to bring the defense and the physicality to this series, as he has often done for the Golden State Warriors in the past. The Golden State Warriors will need him to be at his best to win the series, and hopefully, he delivers.