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Draymond Green Gets Ejected After Flagrant Foul 2 On Brandon Clarke

Draymond Green Gets Ejected After Flagrant Foul 2 On Brandon Clarke

Draymond Green has been ejected from Game 1 of the Golden State Warriors-Memphis Grizzlies second-round series after a very unfortunate flagrant foul 2 on Brandon Clarke.

The Memphis Grizzlies started the game with intensity, dominating the Warriors. After the Dubs caught up with the home team, things got more interesting and tensions flared between the two squads. 

Some calls for the Grizzlies raised some eyebrows on the Warriors' bench, but things got really wrong when Green tried to stop Brandon Clarke mid-air, using a very questionable strategy to stop the 25-year-old from scoring. 

The referees stopped the actions to take a look at the play and after a few minutes, they made the decision of giving Draymond a flagrant foul 2, which automatically ejected him from the game. 

This is unfortunate knowing that the Warriors were close on the scoreboard. Steve Kerr will have to make some big adjustments at the halftime to try to keep up with the young Grizzlies, who brought all the energy for this game. 

Stephen Curry has scored only 8 points, while Klay Thompson is having foul issues. The picture doesn't look promising for the Warriors, but you should never sleep on this team, especially with all the experience they have.

Draymond left the court taunting fans, trying to mess up with their minds.

Memphis leads 61-55 right now, but we still have two quarters to see who will come out victorious.