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Draymond Green On Steph Curry: “A Lot Of Superstars In Their Prime Would Complain About The Lack Of Veterans On The Team. And He Just Hasn’t At All.”

Steph Curry On Draymond Green: "He's The Smartest Basketball Player I've Played With"

Even amid an extremely underwhelming season, Steph Curry and the Golden State Warriors are within striking distance of the NBA playoffs and could even secure a spot if they win their play-in tournament games.

While their chances of making a long-term run remain slim, we can still appreciate the play of Steph Curry, who is not only playing the best basketball of his career but who also does his job without complaining...

(via NBC Sports)

"After wins, after losses, he’s in the weight room after every game," Draymond Green told The Athletic's Sam Amick earlier this week. "In the weight room every day. The amount of work that he’s put in [is incredible]. And obviously it’s showing in his game and it’s paying off.

But the thing that has been most impressive to me is that a lot of guys would complain about the lack of veterans on the team for a superstar of Steph’s caliber who’s in the prime of his career having probably his best year ever. And he just hasn’t at all.

For me, that’s been the most beautiful thing to watch. Obviously, the games have been great, the shots have been great. But to me, the most beautiful thing to watch has simply been his approach."

Love him or hate him, you have to respect Steph for putting his head down and working with what he's got.

Golden State's roster isn't the best this season, especially in the absence of Klay Thompson, but Curry is doing an admirable job leading his team without so much as a single gripe.

How far that will get them this year, however, remains to be seen.