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Dwyane Wade Says He Does Not Like The 3-PT Era: “I Wouldn’t Enjoy Playing The Game With 80 Percent Of The Shots Being Threes”

Dwyane Wade

The NBA has moved from a big man-dominated game to a guard-focused one. The practice of going to the post is almost non-existent, as teams are more concerned with spreading the floor, to the point that centers are often camped behind the three-point line and are attempting three-pointers.

Stephen Curry is responsible for that change, as he has opened the eyes of many to a three-point-oriented offense. While teams have incorporated the system to keep up, not many current and former players are happy with the shift.

Former Miami Heat star Dwyane Wade was recently asked about the three-point era but he is not exactly a fan. On Basketball Support presented by Wired, Wade answered questions from fans on Twitter as honestly as possible. When asked if three-pointers were ruining the game, and if he would enjoy watching the league of over 80% of the shots attempted were from downtown, he said:

(From 0:18)

“I wouldn’t enjoy playing the game with 80% of the shots being threes. But I can understand the nature of the game today. I know that three points is more than two points. And if a team is shooting 60 threes, and one team is shooting 30, who’s gonna win that game?

“Coming from a different era, you wanna see the game played just the way that you played it. But you got to try to figure out a way, to appreciate the game, the way it’s played in today’s era.”

Regardless of how Wade feels about it, many teams have found success with the three points. It will be difficult to turn things around, especially since it is working.

Steph currently holds the record for most three-pointers made in the NBA. So far in his career, he has made 2,999 three-pointers and is shooting 43.1% from deep.