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Frank Vogel Reveals The Lakers Were Letting LeBron James Orchestrate The Offense For The Most Part

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With LeBron James on your team, you can hardly imagine an offensive play call that would not revolve around him. It was more of the same in the Los Angeles Lakers' last outing against the Sacramento Kings.

Head coach Frank Vogel, who has lost favor with the Lakers fanbase, has revealed that they allowed LeBron to orchestrate the offense for the most part. For anyone who watched the game, it was evident, as every play, especially in the fourth quarter and overtime, was through LeBron. When things were not clicking for him, they switched it up.

When asked about the shot selection and areas the team was getting shots from, he said (from 00:35):

"I thought we did a good job, then Bron orchestrated for a lot of the action, and when it didn't seem like he was getting gas we diversified by looking at Melo, looking at AD, then Russ in the pick-and-roll."

Vogel also pointed out how their inability to make stops cost them the game.

"Just didn't get enough stops. They hit a lot of tough shots, a lot of tough 2's, mid-range shots, contested, and you tip your cap on those situations. But you're up 13 in the fourth quarter you gotta get that W.

Although you can't blame the Lakers for choosing to allow King James to run their offense, especially coming off the sublime game he had against the Indiana Pacers. He is an outstanding athlete, has an incredibly high basketball IQ, and can pick out a pass. But on this occasion, it did not yield fruits for them.

The Lakers lost the game 141-137 after they were forced to three overtime periods. LeBron played for 50 minutes but managed only 30 points, 7 rebounds, and 11 assists. The four-time champion took the blame, as he recognized that he had a poor outing. They have had a fair home record this season and will host the Detroit Pistons before heading to Sacramento to face the Kings.