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Golden State Warriors Will Reportedly Host The Memphis Grizzlies For Christmas Day Rematch

Ja Morant and Stephen Curry

2022 NBA Christmas is shaping up to be quite an exciting event.

Besides a matchup between two of the best players in the game in LeBron James and Luka Doncic, it has also been revealed that the Warriors will host the Grizzlies in a Western Conference Semi-Finals rematch.

Marc Stein revealed it all in his latest Tweet:

Memphis at Golden State is another Christmas Day game on the NBA's preliminary schedule for the 2022-23 season that is on course to be made official this coming week, league sources tell me.

The Warriors and Grizzlies are two teams who have a bit of history. Last season, things got ugly between them during the Western Semis, with both teams taking shots at each other throughout the series.

Even after it was all said and done, the war raged on and it got to the point that Draymond Green felt compelled to put them in their place about it:

"I've spoke on the podcast before about Memphis being oblivious to the situation like, they're -- (to the crowd) no, serious. And it's not an insult. It's actually a compliment," Draymond said. "They're young and they don't know how big these moments are. Now, talking s**t to the team that won a championship after they beat you after they win a championship is an entirely different level of oblivion. It doesn't get much more oblivious than that. And I think for them, you're now going to be expected to do that. You're now going to be expected to win these games. And it's not as easy when teams are coming for you. So I think now, they're going to get their reality check. And it's not that they will still be able to win. They may still be able to win, but they're going to realize how much harder it is for them to win. And now, because they're talking the way they're talking, they better lose that oblivion, because they better understand these moments now are huge."

Needless to say, this has become one of the NBA's budding rivalries, and the league clearly wants to capitalize on it.

No doubt, it will make for some great entertainment for viewers on their Christmas holiday.