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Jalen Rose: “Gotta Get Going LeBron, Those Paul Pierce Numbers.”

Credit: ESPN

Credit: ESPN

Jalen Rose just burned both LeBron James and Paul Pierce in the same sentence on Monday night, ahead of the Los Angeles Lakers clash against the Utah Jazz at the Orlando bubble. Rose doesn't hold anything back, is not afraid of speaking his mind out and he proved it once again on Monday.

While LeBron arrived at the arena to take on the Jazz, ESPN showed a graphic with his numbers. He hasn't recorded as many points as before the shutdown but the King has demonstrated he can impact the game doing other things. However, Rose didn't miss the chance to take a jab at James and his fellow ESPN analyst Paul Pierce.

“Gotta get going LeBron, those Paul Pierce numbers," Rose said, breaking the internet with his comments.

Truth to be told, Bron hasn't been as impactful on the offense as he was before the hiatus. During the first three games at the bubble, he's been focused on the defense while Anthony Davis is leading the offense. The Lakers are 2-1 in three games now and this partnership is working just fine for the Purple and Gold. LeBron is recording 19.3 points, 9.7 rebounds, and 7 assists per game so far.

Nevertheless, there will be a time when LeBron will recover his old pace and will demonstrate he still got it. He's ready to take these Lakers to the promised land and who knows, perhaps he's saving energy to activate playoff LeBron.

Still, nobody will miss their chance to call out LeBron for 'underperforming' at the bubble. Rose already showed he won't.