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Jaylen Brown Reportedly Wants To Be In Boston Despite Trade Talks

Jaylen Brown Reportedly Wants To Be In Boston Despite Trade Talks

Most players would get disheartened if they read trade rumors involving them, but it's doubly so when a player is as good as Jaylen Brown is. Brown was drafted by the Celtics and had been improving year on year since then, becoming a key piece alongside Jayson Tatum. An argument can be made that Brown was the best player for the team during the NBA Finals in 2022 as well. 

However, this has not spared him from being part of the trade rumors in the offseason; he was reportedly part of the package that the Celtics offered to the Brooklyn Nets to get Kevin Durant. Brown reacted after the news broke, liking a tweet from a fan and tweeting in a way that seemed to express his disappointment as well

After a situation like this, it would be understandable if Brown didn't feel as at home in Boston as he did before, but it would seem that this is not the case. According to NBA insider Jared Weiss, Brown wishes to stay with the Celtics despite the rumors that he might get traded. 

"In spite of trade talks, Jaylen Brown wants to be in Boston."

Getting Kevin Durant is an opportunity that is simply not available often and if Boston can find a deal to land the superstar, it would make sense that they wish to do so. Giving up Brown may not be something that they want to do, but finding a fair value for KD means that Brown has to be a part of any conversation. 

Considering that the Celtics are serious suitors in the chase for Durant, this might not be the end of the story. However, if the Celtics do end up keeping Brown on the roster, that wouldn't be a failure by any measure either. A two-way star, Jaylen has shown growth every step of the way in his career, which is what makes him as valuable an asset as he is.