Jimmy Butler After Being Told Not To Cuss By His Agent: "Adios, Buenos Dias, Hope You Motherf**kers Have A Good Day."

Jimmy butler

Jimmy Butler is known for being one of the most passionate and hard-working stars in the NBA. There's no question that he is all business on the court, and it shows. However, he is also known for having a sense of humor when he's off the court.

In a recent Instagram story, Butler shared that his agent, Bernard Lee, has told him to stop using cuss words. However, Butler didn't end up heeding his agent's advice and delivered an NSFW message for the rest of the world, while also wishing them a good day at the same time.

Good morning everybody. I was told not to cuss yesterday, by Bernard Lee. Adios, buenos dias. Hope you motherf**kers have a good day.

Jimmy Butler is clearly just joking around, and even if he didn't quite follow his agent's suggestions, they definitely have a good relationship. If anything, this just shows that Jimmy Butler can be funny and make people laugh.

The Miami Heat will need those good vibes and leadership from Jimmy Butler next season, and hopefully, they are able to attain their goal of winning a championship. They managed to sign Kyle Lowry in free agency, as well as retaining a key free agent in Duncan Robinson. There's no question that they have had a solid free agency. Kyle Lowry will give them a veteran leader who's won a championship in the past.

The Miami Heat look geared up to try and chase a ring, and they have an extremely talented squad. They've gotten to the Finals before, and if they get there again, perhaps they'll be able to get their first championship since the LeBron James era in Miami. Jimmy Butler will be key for them as their superstar, and a lot of their aspirations hinge on his ability.