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Jimmy Butler Claims That The Miami Heat Will Win The NBA Championship If They Get To The Finals

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During the NBA bubble, Jimmy Butler established himself as a superstar in this league by leading the Miami Heat to the NBA Finals. They upset many contenders, such as the Boston Celtics and the Milwaukee Bucks. They could potentially repeat the feat again, and this time they have some more star power, as the Miami Heat have recently traded for Victor Oladipo to bolster their roster.

The Miami Heat have a roster that is capable of getting to the NBA Finals, but there are other contenders that stand in their way. The Brooklyn Nets and the Milwaukee Bucks both improved since last season, and the Philadelphia 76ers are in the conversation as well. However, it seems like Jimmy Butler isn't worried. An article by Brad Sullivan of HeatNation relayed some of Butler's words, and he is confident in the Miami Heat's ability to win it all.

“I miss the fans in the arena—I wish they could’ve been a part of making it to the finals, to just feel that electric energy in the building,” Butler said. “It’ll take a lot more from myself, a lot more from everybody as a collective to make it, but when we get there, which we will, we’re gonna get it done this time.”

The best players don't waver against daunting odds, and it seems like Jimmy Butler is among their number. Jimmy Butler claims that they will win it all: while they aren't a favorite like the Brooklyn Nets, they are still a dangerous team on both ends. The Miami Heat have caused some upsets last season, and perhaps that could happen again. Only time will tell what happens in the playoffs, although it is good to see Butler display such confidence in himself and his teammates.